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The cherry millipede

We made this short movie about the cherry millipede, Apheloria virginiensis corrugata. Known from forests in the eastern U.S., the cherry millipede oozes cyanide and feeds on decaying leaves and other detritus.

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The extinct millipede Arthropleura was a giant at 6 feet long and 20 inches wide. These behemoths were the largest terrestrial arthropod to have walked on land. Fossilized in 300 million year old rocks in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Appalachia, you … Continue reading

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In the field: Clinch Mountain, Virginia

Chaetaspis albus Bollman, 1887 from Clinch Mountain, Virginia Last Monday, we traveled to Mendota, Virginia to search for the millipede Rhysodesmus restans Hoffman, 1998. The species is one of two Appalachian representatives of the genus, and otherwise known from the … Continue reading

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The Rush of Discovery

Post by PhD student Jackson Means who is an expert in the taxonomy of Nannaria Taxonomy, the naming and description of species, can be a tedious and exhausting undertaking. When one does taxonomy there are often long periods of intense … Continue reading

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