Gorongosa National Park (part 2)

Amphisbaenian worm lizard

Dung roller beetle (family Scarabaeidae)

Giant pill millipede (family Sphaerotheriidae) | Picture 2

Scorpion (genus Uroplectes?)—likely rather venomous judging by its fat tail and thin pincers (family Buthidae)

Water measurer (family Hydrometridae)

Armored Katydid nymphs (Enyaliopsis sp., family Tettigoniidae). Image of adult.

Ceroplastes sp. scale insect (family Coccidae) tended by ant

Blister? beetle (family Meloidae)

Mantid? ootheca (order Mantodea)

Toothpick grasshopper (family Acrididae)

Jumping spider (family Salticidae)

Velvet ant (family Mutillidae)

Tortoise beetle (family Chrysomelidae)

Centipede (family Scolopendridae), perhaps missing its terminal legs

Lynx spider (family Oxyopidae) with great camouflage

Mayfly (order Ephemeroptera)

Metallic wood boring beetle (family Buprestidae)

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4 Responses to Gorongosa National Park (part 2)

  1. Tom Astle says:

    Hi Paul! I enjoyed this post (jealous of the amphisbaenian!) and was glad to meet you in Mozambique. It was definitely an amazing place.

    • nannaria says:

      Hello Tom – I enjoyed meeting you and hanging out in Mozambique. I saw your images on Flickr and they’re spectacular. Great to meet you and thanks for helpful tips and the diffuser!

  2. C says:


    Old post, but the “meloid(?)” appears to be a lagriine tenebrionid.

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