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The new leggiest animal on Earth

The leggiest animal on the planet, Eumillipes persephone Marek, 2021 with 1,306 legs. In September 2020, I received an email from Bruno Buzatto in Perth, Australia, about a millipede that he and his colleagues found in Western Australia. He explained … Continue reading

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Meet the latest member of Hokie Nation, a newly discovered millipede

The millipede Nannaria hokie was recently found on Virginia Tech’s campus In our new paper, we named the species, Nannaria hokie, which we discovered on Virginia Tech’s campus. The newest species in Hokie Nation lives by the Duck Pond and … Continue reading

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The cherry millipede

We made this short movie about the cherry millipede, Apheloria virginiensis corrugata. Known from forests in the eastern U.S., the cherry millipede oozes cyanide and feeds on decaying leaves and other detritus.

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Fieldwork in Japan

Earlier this month, I returned from two weeks of fieldwork in Japan where I collected millipedes and visited my colleague Dr. Tsutomu Tanabe of Kumamoto University. The trip was a wonderful combination of productive fieldwork, great discussions with Tsutomu and … Continue reading

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