I enjoy finding a synergy between teaching, outreach and scientific research, and I explore new ways to capture the attention of students and engage the community with the research that I find so important.

I teach undergraduate Insect Biology (fall semesters) and graduate Insect Evolution and Diversity (spring semesters, even years).

Insect Biology (ENT 3014/BIOL 3014)
Objectives: (1) To gain an appreciation of the diversity of insects and the basics of their biology, evolution, and behavior; (2) Understand the diverse ways insects have become successful, in terms of their diversity, abundance, and unique morphological adaptations; (3) Glimpse the many services insects provide humans and the biosphere; (4) Become aware of the importance of studying entomology, both in terms of the benefit of insects to human society and as agricultural and human pests.

Insect Biology Laboratory (ENT 3024/BIOL 3024)
Objectives: (1) Collect, preserve and care for insect collections; (2) Label anatomy of the insect groundplan; (3) Understand major events in the insect evolutionary history; (4) Identify common orders of insects; (5) Identify common families of insects found in Virginia on sight.

Insect Evolution and Diversity (ENT 5404)
Objectives: (1) Describe major events in the evolutionary history of insects, and hypotheses for its megadiversity; (2) Understand taxonomy and how species are named and classified; (3) Learn about modern techniques to estimate phylogenies such as Bayesian inference and phylogenomics; (4) Explain the importance of natural history collections and how to properly collect, preserve, and care for insect collections; (5) Learn how insects inform us about biodiversity and conservation decisions.